Help us to change a family in need's life

Home-Start Cymru relies heavily on the generosity of individuals and businesses across Wales to finance the vital work we do with families.

Every family faces unique challenges, ranging from financial struggles and mental health issues to domestic abuse or caring for a child with special needs. By organising fundraising events for Home-Start Cymru, you can help us raise the necessary funds to provide support and practical assistance to these families facing challenges at home.

We are always seeking individuals who are passionate about making a difference and would like to fundraise for Home-Start Cymru. Our team is available to provide advice and tips to ensure your fundraising efforts are successful. Please reach out to us at for guidance.

Our work has never been more crucial. We proactively reach out to parents early on, offering volunteer and staff-led support as needed. By empowering parents with knowledge, skills, and resilience, we enable them to foster an environment where their children can thrive.

Without dedicated fundraisers like yourself, Home-Start Cymru would not be able to carry out the impactful work we do. The funds you raise through your fundraising activities will directly contribute to the support provided by our staff and volunteers to families in need.

Your support is vital in expanding our reach and creating a positive impact on families throughout Wales. We are committed to offering emotional and practical assistance to parents and their children, guiding them through life’s challenges, fostering resilience, and empowering them to navigate difficulties effectively.

Join us in our mission to empower families and create brighter futures. Fundraise for Home-Start Cymru and help us make a lasting difference. Together, we can bring about transformation and support families across Wales.

For more information or to get started with your fundraising efforts, please contact our team at

Want to be part of our charity fundraising team in Wales?

At Home-Start Cymru, we are constantly seeking individuals who are interested in fundraising for our cause. Whether you have a passion for running marathons or enjoy baking delicious cakes, we warmly invite you to get involved.

The beauty of fundraising with Home-Start Cymru is that you have the freedom to fundraise in a way that speaks to you. You can choose your preferred activity and timing, allowing you to raise funds at your convenience. Together, let’s work towards raising the necessary funds to continue our critical support and practical assistance to parents and their children throughout Wales.

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    Make an impact

    As a small charity, every penny and pound you raise helps us to make a big impact.

    With your support, we are able to increase our reach and create a positive impact for families here in Wales. We are there to provide emotional and practical support to parents and their children, and guide them emotionally and practically through life’s challenges.

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    Make an online donation

    Whether you choose to set up a monthly donation or one off-gift donating to Home-Start Cymru helps us provide families with life-changing emotional and practical support. Visit our JustGiving page to donate now.

    Sign Up for a Running Event

    Take to the streets and run for Home-Start Cymru - your support can help change families' lives living in Wales.

    Getting Started with Fundraising

    Fancy fundraising by doing your own thing? Whatever you’d like to do, we’ll support you all the way. Get in touch for your FREE fundraising guide.

    Donate to Our Appeals

    Donating new, unwrapped toys, books and gifts or clothing for children to ensure they do not go without on their birthday or at Christmas.

    Become a corporate partner

    We are always looking for corporate partners who are interested in supporting our mission. If your company, club or association could be interested in becoming a partner or choosing us as 'Charity of the Year', get in touch.

    Hold a Bake Sale

    Raise money and enjoy some goodies. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to bake cakes and sell them at your very own Bake Sale.

    Tell us about your fundraising event

    Do you already have a fundraising event planned? We would love to hear about it. Our fundraising team can support you every step of the way. Get in touch with us using the form above.