About Volunteering with Home-Start Cymru

At Home-Start Cymru, volunteers are at the heart of the support we provide to families.

Home-Start Cymru is a charity committed to empowering parents to make sustainable changes and build resilience, together with guided support from our team of trained children’s charity volunteers and staff. Our volunteers and staff work alongside families offering compassionate and confidential support, tailored to suit. We run services across the majority of local authority areas in Wales working as a team, with volunteers, parents and carers, providing emotional and practical support.

Our volunteers offer support to parents and carers in a number of different ways:

  • One to one home visiting
  • Community support
  • Peer support
  • Group support
  • Targeted support programmes

A demanding but fulfilling role, volunteering for a charity would suit anyone who wants to help make real and lasting change to the lives of families throughout Wales.

How our volunteers support parents

Our volunteers are trained to empower parents by sharing practical and emotional advice and skills to build resilience and improve wellbeing – ensuring the whole family can thrive. We know each family has their own unique, individual needs so we’ll work with you to find out what you need support with, and tailor our time to suit you.

Our volunteers help to: 

  • Empower parents and build resilience.
  • Strengthen parent-child relationships
  • Improve families’ physical and emotional health.
  • Connect parents and their families to the local community to ensure they never feel isolated or alone.
  • Help reduce stress from family conflict.

Become a Home-Start Volunteer 

What do you get out of being a volunteer?

Our volunteers often tell us how rewarding their time with us is. You’ll have incredible satisfaction in knowing you’re helping families in need of support.

We will provide the training, guidance and support you need to be effective and make a real difference whilst also providing you with the opportunity to meet new friends, enhance your wellbeing and develop transferrable skills to take into the workplace.

Will you join us?

Our roles are flexible and are available across 18 local authorities in Wales. Whether you have family commitments, work full-time, are a student or are retired, we’ve got a role for you.

Please contact us at: volunteering@homestartcymru.org.uk to register to become a Home-Start Cymru volunteer or click the register here button at the top of this page. 

"Just talking to my volunteer made me come through the other side. I have realised the power of talking."

Supported Parent - Cardiff

"Great support! I felt I could pick up the phone and speak to Home-Start Cymru if I needed to!"

Supported Parent - Bridgend

“It’s been so scary and would have been such a lonely journey had Home-Start Cymru not been right there with me.”

Supported Parent - Powys

"To Home-Start Cymru, thank you for all you have done for us and more can't thank you enough."

Supported Mum - Caerphilly

A Home-Start Cymru volunteer should:

  • Have a positive attitude to working with people of any gender, family status or sexual identity, or who are from any ethnic origin, culture, or religion, or who may have a disability.
  • Demonstrate a sensitive and caring attitude towards others.
  • Be clear about confidentiality.
  • Be reliable.
  • Have good communication skills including an ability to listen.
  • Have a warm and open personality and a sense of humour.
  • Be able to work as a member of a team.


Got A Question?

To discuss volunteer roles and opportunities with us, or for further information please contact the Volunteer Recruitment and Development Team – 

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