Could you be the lifeline to a family in your community?

Home-Start Cymru seeks new recruits.

Home-Start Cymru, the national family support charity, today launches its #WhyDoI’ campaign to increase the number and diversity of Home-Start Cymru volunteers in Wales. 

The campaign will focus on sharing experiences and celebrating the reasons why people volunteer with the aim encourage people to register to become a Home-Start Cymru volunteer. 

These volunteers are needed to help families to reconnect with their community, supporting their wellbeing and providing them with emotional and physical support after a truly difficult year. 

Pascale has volunteered with Home-Start Cymru for ten years and would recommend volunteering for the benefits you receive too. “The reason I wanted to volunteer was to make a difference. It is incredibly rewarding to give back to my community and support families when they need someone to talk, listen and be there when they need an extra pair of hands” 

“I would very much urge anyone out there who wants to do something to help others to consider becoming a Home-Start Cymru volunteer.” 

Volunteering for Home-Start Cymru is easy and flexible, whether it’s just for a one-time project or an ongoing position. Volunteers are not required to have previous training, and anyone can volunteer; opportunities are open to females, males, and youths and adults. 

Jayne Drummond, CEO of Home-Start Cymru, said: “Volunteering with us gives people the opportunity to make a real difference in their local community, to help families because childhood can’t wait. We can’t support families without the support of our wonderful volunteers, who truly make a difference every day no matter which role they are fulfilling.” 

If you would like to find out more information about volunteering with Home-Start Cymru, please visit our volunteering in Wales page or contact