Welsh Charity Announces New CEO

Home-Start Cymru, a Welsh-based family support charity, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jayne Drummond as the new CEO. Jayne will drive forward Home-Start Cymru’s mission of giving every child in Wales the best start in life, as the organisation heads towards its fifth year. Previously Head of Finance/HR for 3 years, Jayne brings prior experience from the corporate sector as well as trustee and governor roles. She is passionate about supporting families to give their children the best start in life.

Home-Start Cymru provides vovolunteer-ledfamily support in the home for parents of young children who are facing a range of pressures. Providing emotional support and practical advice, our team of volunteers support parents to improve their wellbeing, confidence and reconnect back into their wider community.

Jonathan Richards, Chair of Home-Start Cymru Board of Trustees, said:

“I am delighted that Jayne has been appointed as our Chief Executive. Jayne brings a wealth of experience, expertise and insights and a deep commitment to supporting families when they need it most.”

Commenting on her appointment, Jayne Drummond said

“It is an incredible honour to take up the role of CEO and I am excited to build on our amazing success whist leading Home-Start Cymru into its next chapter. We have an incredibly talented and compassionate team of people and volunteers, who enable us to play such a vital role in ensuring that parents have the support they need to give children the best start in life. As we emerge from the pandemic, families continue to face extremely challenging times and increasing cost of living pressures, I am passionate about ensuring that Home-Start Cymru reaches more families in our local communities when families need us most. I look forward to connecting with all our stakeholders and building new relationships and collaborative partnerships to help address the challenges families are currently facing.”

Jayne Drummond - CEO