Liam Maguire

Liam began working in the steel works and managing a local youth club whilst he studied Law at Swansea University.

After finishing university, he commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and as a Captain in the Royal he Welsh, led his Platoon on peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan.

5 years later he left the Army and began managing children’s homes, including the only secure centre in Wales, and during this time he worked with a full clinical team, social workers, teachers and even the children’s commissioner to help support the most complex children in the UK. 

In 2021 Liam joined HSC as the Head of Operations and helped support service delivery, colleague performance and wellbeing. In 2022 he left to become a Leadership Management Trainer for a Housing Association called valleys to Coast where he has designed and delivered behaviour frameworks and training programmes but has remained as a Trustee at HSC throughout.

Liam has now rejoined HSC as our Director of People and Operations and is “very excited to work more directly with fellow comrades again on such important work”.  

Liam is also a trustee for Children in Wales which is the national umbrella organisation advocating for children’s rights with Welsh Government, whilst also providing child centred training for many services across Wales. Liam has very recently also been appointed as an advisory panel member to the Childrens Commissioner for the next 3 years.

Liam’s interests include psychology, especially concerning what wellbeing and also children’s development. He is very passionate about leadership management, and promoting children’s rights, safeguarding and the political and social mechanisms that support this.

Liam firmly believes that “The most important place in any society, cross generation, and cross culture, is inside the family home, and that the most important people and valuable asset within any society, are its children and parents”.

He also believes in the great and very relevant quote from Jonathan Bowlby that “If a nation cares for its children, it will cherish its parents.” – what greater way to highlight the importance of HSC!  


Liam Maguire headshot.