Home Start Cymrus involvement in the NEST/NYTH Framework 

The NEST/NYTH framework is a vital piece of guidance that provides direction for organisations and services to promote a whole system approach and to strengthen areas of good practice in the delivery of mental health and wellbeing support in Wales. The title ‘NEST’ itself is an acronym using words summarised by young people co-opted into the process of developing the framework to describe how they believe support for mental health and wellbeing should feel; ‘Nurturing’, ‘Empowering’, ‘Safe’, and ‘Trusted’.

Home-Start Cymru believes services should be centred with families in mind. The NEST/NYTH framework provides guidance for services to ensure a person-centred approach, where any individual can be accessing the right support at the right time. That’s why we’ve taken active steps to embed this framework into our ways of working and our processes for ongoing development. 

We’ve held in depth workshops with a range of our stakeholders, including staff, trustees and volunteers, to reflect on where we are now, acknowledging our strengths and good practice across the multiple NEST/NYTH focus areas, as well as our areas for improvement. We set actions together to develop our good practice, supporting us to be constantly reflective of our approach to maximise impact for service users and to support alignment with other services.

In addition to engaging our stakeholders through focused discussions, we’ve also rolled out training to ensure awareness and knowledge on the application of the NEST/NYTH framework and its core values to all Home-Start Cymru staff. 

Home-Start Cymru will implement ongoing annual reviews of our practice against the core themes of the NEST/NYTH framework with inclusion of a wide range of our stakeholder voices as part of our commitment to ensuring the best possible support for families in Wales.

Guest blog written by Home Start Cymru’s Policy and Affairs Manager, Izzabella James.

For more information, please contact ijames@homestartcymru.org.uk